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· The motor is a Forest Shuttle made by Forest Drapery Hardware. It works with all leading home automation systems. Contact us to confirm compatibility.
· Can be used with 51mm, 63mm or 76mm wood or brass poles.
· Each pole set comes complete with motor, receiver, transformer with 3m of cable, a fitted 3 pin plug and handheld remote control.
· Suitable for home automation systems – to be installed only by a qualified electrician.
· Ensures curtains run straight and true, no unsightly bulge.
· Wear resistant pulley housing equipped with high quality ball bearings.
· Reinforced “Kevlar” transport belt for smooth, quiet movement.
· Motor can be positioned on either the left or right hand side.
· Motorised poles require a minimum projection of 100mm.
· Easy to install – no electrician required:
1. Motor’s driveshaft fits directly to the pulley housing;
2. Once located onto the driveshaft, simply twist the motor
into position;
3. Push the lock slide up to secure the motor in place.
· Operating voltage – 24V
· Power output +/– 40 Watt
· Curtain speed 15cm/sec
· Indoor use only
· Manual override in case of power failure
· Dimensions 230mm x 50mm x 70mm
· Indoor use only
· Dimensions 88mm x 40mm x 23mm
TRANSFORMER Complete with wall cradle
· Dimensions 107mm x 50mm x 28mm
· Length of cable to motor 50cm
· Length of cable to 3 pin plug 3 metres (approx.)
REMOTE CONTROL Complete with wall cradle
· Dimensions 110mm x 60mm x 12mm
· 3V battery supplied (CR2430)
· Features: clock, manual open/close and timer
· 15 channels – each channel can control up to 20 motors
· Colour – black
· “Stop” button feature – can stop curtains at any point
· Ultra slim and compact
WIRELESS WALL MOUNTED CONTROL SWITCH 11681-6-00 | stock unit: each
· Dimensions 85mm x 85mm x 10mm
· 3V Lithium battery supplied (CR2032)
· Controls will “Open”, “Close” and “Stop” the travel of the
· Colour - cream
· Ultra slim and compact
· Fixing screws and wall plugs provided · Ultra slim and compact page 65
Bespoke handcrafted curtain poles
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