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 Pole – Plain brass pole in polished brass | Finials – Plain brass ball in polished brass Brackets – Brass end brackets in polished brass | Rings – Solid brass rings in polished brass
Pole – Plain wood pole painted duck egg blue | Finials – Wood fluted ruff painted duck egg blue with gold highlights Brackets – Brass centre brackets painted duck egg blue with gold highlights
Rings – Reeded wood rings painted duck egg blue with gold highlights
Pole – Reeded wood pole painted F&B Off White | Finials – Wood fluted ball painted F&B Off White with gold highlights Brackets – Extra projection brass end brackets painted F&B Off White | Rings – Wood rings painted F&B Off White
Pole – Ash wood corded railway pole stained jacobean | Finials – Ash wood ball and cap stained jacobean with brass cap plated satin nickel Brackets – Brass centre overclip brackets plated satin nickel
    Pole – Brass inverted corded railway pole in gunmetal | Finials – Brass ribbed ball in gunmetal Brackets – Extendable end brass brackets in gunmetal | Rings – Hollow brass rings in gunmetal
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