Need help dressing a bay window?

Did you know that the 1894 Building Act changed the regulations so that windows no longer had to be flush with the exterior wall? This meant that late Victorian and Edwardian architecture onwards took advantage of the change and built structures with bay windows also known as bow or oriel windows.

Bay windows bring in a lot more light than traditional flush windows and also provide more space within a room, meaning the bay window design remains a popular feature for many within our homes. However, getting curtain poles for bay windows is not always an easy thing and often requires bespoke curtain pole solutions.

Hunter & Hyland has been crafting beautiful bespoke bay poles for many years, in fact since the beginning. We can create bay poles in wood, brass and acrylic with an array of stunning finishes in paints and stains for wood and in plated brass finishes.

Our bay poles can be corded as railway poles and inverted railway poles and there is even the option of motorisation with the ability to work with home automation systems. Use our bay pole measuring guide to give us your specific measurements for a quotation or contact us to discuss your bay window project.