New Year, New (Corded) Curtain Poles!

Hunter & Hyland are always proud of our wonderful corded, bespoke curtain poles.

There are two fantastic options to choose from – a classic corded pole or a pole corded from above with rings. Our corded poles are available in our wood and brass poles in any finish. The can also be shaped to fit around a bay window.

Contact us for a quote for your next project.

Image (top to bottom):

  • Pole – Brass inverted corded railway pole in gunmetal
    Finials – Brass ribbed ball in gunmetal
    Brackets – Extendable end brass brackets in gunmetal
    Rings – Hollow brass rings in gunmetal
  • Pole – Wood inverted corded railway pole painted F&B Oxford Stone
    Finials – Wood spinning top painted F&B Oxford Stone
    Brackets – Brass end brackets in antique brass
    Rings – Wood rings painted F&B Oxford Stone
  • Pole – Plain wood corded railway pole painted high gloss piano black
    Finials – Wood barrel painted high gloss piano black with brass inlay
    Brackets – Vision wood cup brackets painted high gloss piano black