Regular and Double Duty

Regular MTM Track on Board

Regular and double duty tracks provide a durable and cost effective option for hanging curtains. The tracks are very strong and are suitable for use with medium to heavy weight curtains. These tracks can also be corded or un-corded and bent for bay windows.

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    curtain track on board

    Regular MTM Track on Board

    We can produce pelmet boards with or without facias, in almost any width. These can be painted or left unfinished. They can be made for straight or bay windows.

    • When fitted to a pelmet board with facia- track is front edge fitted
    • When fitted to a pelmet board without facia- track I fitted on spacers in the centre of the board
    • Bespoke MTM service, made to your specific requirements in any width from 25mm
    • Stock widths are 141mm, 217mm and 293mm
    • Boards are made from 21mm thick pine with optional 5mm hardwood facia
    • Can also be made to fit a bay window to your specific measurements
    • Track fitted to a board without facia will be centrally fitted. Track fitted to a board with facia will be front fitted
    • If fitted using angle brackets, a spacer can be used to raise the track from the surface of the board to allow bracket to slide in uder the track
    • Board can also be produced with cutouts or in ‘D’ shapes to your specific measurements
    • Can be produced with Velcro attached to either the front or the front and returns
    • Facia will be made to suit the depth of the track or can be made to your specific requirements

    Regular Profile Diagram