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Overclip Brass Centre Bracket

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    Curtain pole centre bracket

    Overclip Brass Centre Bracket


    A Brass bracket that is available as polished and lacquered Brass and also in 11 beautiful plated finishes: Distressed Brass, Burnished Brass, Antique Brass, Bronze, Light Bronze, Armour Bright, Satin Nickel, Polished Nickel, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome and Gun Metal.

    Stock Unit – Each
    Available for – Diameter pole- Woodscrew gauge – No. of fixing holes – Projection – Dimensions L x W
    38mm – 8g – 3 – 39mm – 84mm x 45mm
    51mm – 8g – 4 – 34mm – 101mm x 50mm
    63mm – 8g – 4 – 47mm – 101mm x 50mm
    76mm – 8g – 4 – 49mm – 101mm x 50mm

    • Specifically designed as a centre support on Wood or Brass Railway poles
    • Allows uninterrupted running of the gliders

    The minimum opening required on a Overclip Centre Bracket to insert the pole is
    38mm – 18mm
    51mm – 24mm
    63mm – 26mm
    76mm – 20mm

    For important notes about brackets and brass cornice pole rings – CLICK HERE